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Step one:
Remove the shoulder pads.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The MuMu Series Part I

This first dress kicks off my MuMu series. I googled the word and there seem to be several spellings, so we are gonna go with this one....but yes pronounced M00-Moo.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the MuMu, let me enlighten you:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The muumuu or muʻumuʻu (English pronunciation: /ˈmuːmuː/) is a loose dress of Hawaiian origin[1]
that hangs from the shoulder. Like the Aloha shirt, muumuu exports are often brilliantly colored with
floral patterns of generic Polynesian motifs. Muumuu for local Hawaiian residents are more subdued
in tone. Muumuu are no longer as widely worn at work as the aloha shirt, but continue to be the preferred
formal dress for weddings and festivals such as the Merrie Monarch hula competition. They are also
frequently worn as a uniform by women working in the hotel industry[citation needed]. Muumuu are also
popular as maternity wear and with obese people because they do not restrict the waist.

(I especially like the last line that says "worn by obese people because they do not restrict the waist")

Ya... you know what a MuMu is

Anyways, Jeff and I found a whole bunch of awesome MuMus at the thrift store mentioned in the previous blog. Yes that was a good day. Thus, kicks off the series.

So we decided to have a little fun with the before photos this time.

 Wow that iphone sure takes a nice picture ; )

If anyone is looking for a great haircut visit Jeff at Avalon Salon on Youree Drive!... there, that was my endorsement for the day.

So my machine is currently broken STILL, but luckily I didn't have to do a lot to this. However, I did have to hand stitch the entire side seam down this dress but sometimes you do what you have to do to get the end result. The thing I like best about a good ol' needle and thread is no matter what, I know what to do with it when it breaks... my machine on the other hand, he and I are still working things out.

So here is the end result of all my hard work and dress #1 in the MuMu series:

 If anyone can tell me where this photo was taken you win a prize!

(not really, sorry)
 My friend, Ashley has now been the photographer on two occasions, my very first dress ever and now this one. Thanks Ashley!

The bad thing about hand stitching the side seam in this was that about halfway thru the night the bottom edge started to come unraveled. Good thing I opted OUT for dancing afterward and called it an early night or I may have experienced wardrobe malfunction.