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And if you learn one thing only from reading my blog, I hope it is this:

Step one:
Remove the shoulder pads.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The MuMu Series Part II

I know it has been a while, sorry...

but I promise to do better now. I finally got my sewing machine working good and I have several exciting projects ahead of me, including a wedding dress for my friend, Christen....ya, you won't want to miss that one.

So this is part two of the MuMu series and from this point on I will entertain you with some fun "before" pictures. My friend, Tina does photography as a hobby and offered to take some pictures for my blog. So one hot summer day, her and I spent the whole day taking "before" pictures. We got a lot of weird looks, why do people think it is strange to be dressed weird in public places?... this is Shreveport, can't they just assume I am either homeless or filming a movie?

So our first location was the cow pasture by my house... what a way to start the day. Unfortunately we were too chicken to get too close to the cows, mainly because they weren't cows they were actually mean, angry bulls. I mean, would you get close to this guy??!...

I may or may not have photoshopping this for added intensity...but I just wanted you to get how mean he looked.
I guess you had to be there.

So here is me frolicking in the cow pasture in my beautiful Mumu.

 wow what a great, light and airy ensemble for climbing trees. Maybe Laura Ingalls Wilder was on to something

When I bought this mumu I was with Jeff, of course, in Keatchie (I never know how to spell that) and he warned me, he said "now don't go too Amish with this one". So the whole time I was working on this I kept hearing Jeff's voice in my head, "Don't go too Amish".... ahhh

I mean, it is pretty country and you maybe can't tell but it is blue and white seersucker. For those of you who don't know what that word means, here...educate yourselves.

Anyways, JEFF!... does this look like something the Amish would wear?

 My eyes were doing some scary zombie thing in all of these pics so when in doubt.. just cut your head off.
I had to have one homemade in the mirror pic. I hope you like it, let me know what you think.


  1. It actually looks cute in the before photos, maybe that's because the photos make you look like you're in a Delia's catalog. Love the update!

  2. You do indeed look like you're in an Anthropology ad or something in the "befores". I love the rouching or whatever it is that you did on the neck! Also love that this was another bathroom fashion show!

  3. Of course. Public bathrooms make the best setting for a photoshoot : P