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Step one:
Remove the shoulder pads.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Never Buy an Olympus Camera

I am a little upset. Here is why:

My delightful little camera is practically brand new but has never worked right and for some reason the camera fixing people at Olympus cannot seem to find anything wrong with it whenever I try to send it in. Thats odd because as soon as I put brand new batteries in it, it says it is dead almost always. You practically have to stand on one leg with your fingers crossed while saying Hails Marys to get the stupid thing to take a picture.  And now today, in the heat of my blogging passion, as I go to upload all of my new photos, my camera decides to wipe out my memory card. Thank you Olympus and all the hard working men who work for them who have clearly tried their darnest to fix my camera, you have ruined my day.

So todays piece of advice is not in the form of fashion but tech related.

I could have used my boyfriends wonderful working camera had I not lost it a few months earlier in Vegas. I suck at life quite frequently. But don't worry I punish myself often enough to make up for my stupidity.

So you have to use your imagination on this one because I am sad to report, my BEFORE picture has been deleted. (pause for a moment of silence while you share my fury). All I can do is describe it to you. So sit back and close your eyes and do your best to imagine it. Ok, scratch that... open your eyes to read my description, THEN close them and pause for a few seconds to imagine. (are you having fun yet?)

Ok, I found it at an older ladies garage sale and it had giant shoulder pads in it and the waist band was almost down to my knees and could have clothed a few other people at the same time. I think she was quite a bit larger than me. It had a Golden Girls feel to it and looked like the perfect ensemble for an older lady to wear while attending a pot luck in the park. But I loved the fabric and color so I had to buy it.
Did you picture it??
This is killing me that I don't have the picture to share, but anyways, please act just as impressed when you see the AFTER as you would have had you gotten to see the BEFORE. Thank you for your support.

 I hope you like it. Thank you for playing the imagination game with me and have a good day.

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  1. I love this post and I now hate Olympus too! You're so darn witty and this post was your personality to a "T"! The shirt looks great and your Golden Girls reminiscint description gave me a good idea of what the "before" product might have looked like. Nice job!