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Step one:
Remove the shoulder pads.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fabric from Hell

This is another Goodwill treasure purchased a while back and actually to tell you the truth, I worked on this one several months ago and have been wearing it ever since. Now I have decided to share it with you...that is how special you are to me, Outfit Project readers. : )

The things I do for this blog....

Yes this fabric was a nightmare and continues to be a nightmare when I wear it because it does that weird unraveling thingy and all day long you walk around with little fabric fibers tickling you everywhere. Of course, I am sure that a professional would have done a better job sewing the dress to begin with. I know there are solutions to that particular problem but they are probably too much for my basic skills. Regardless, I still wearing the dress all the time... I just deal.

Anyways with a few inches off the hem and shortening the sleeves, I came to an end result that I was pretty pleased with.

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