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Remove the shoulder pads.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Joyous Reunion

This dress has particular special meaning to me because fate had brought us together again after a year. So there is obviously a good story to this one and I am about to tell you.
This story begins about 2 1/2 years ago I guess, when I worked for The Forum. We were doing a photoshoot out in Keachi one afternoon and if any of you have been to Keachi you will understand how exciting it is...not. There is exactly two establishments in the town of Keachi. One is a gas station/convenience store complete with fried southern meat pies, shrimp fried grease patties, fried chicken fried fries, hot spicy balls of fried meat, cheesy fried sticks of sausage, and probably fries. Ok, so I am exaggerating and yes that may have been a little dig to the south. So sorry. Lately me and the durty south cannot relate to each other like we used to.
And the other establishment is a Thrift Store.

I feel confident that the owners of this store will not be reading my blog so it is ok for me to tell you how odd they were. They thought we were celebrities when we came rolling up in there town for a photoshoot. They even made us take pictures with them...it was odd. Regardless we humored them. Poor people of Keachi...if only they realized there is life beyond their city limits.

My good friend, Jeff (whom I have mentioned before), is my thrift store pal and also was our hair stylist for our photoshoot so how convenient that we are there together. So of course him and I HAVE to take advantage of this opportunity to shop and have a quick movie montage.

Yes, he purchases those pants. And swears that there are magical like the sisterhood of the traveling pants because they fit anyone who puts them on. Keep in mind now this picture was taken over two years ago.

So now the story continues, last summer him and I decide to go back to this store for a little outer city limits "shopping". And what do I run into upon arriving at this wonderful store?... the pink and white dress from over a year ago. Sitting right there staring at me on the rack as if to say "here I am, I have waited for you to come back for me".

Of course I had to buy it. It needed me.

So here is another picture of this wonderful dress whom the universe brought into my life again a year later.

check out this belt!...I don't care what any of my friends say, I am wearing this belt, somehow, somewhere.

I didn't have to do a whole lot to this dress, it was fitted for my body to begin with, just a little should pad removal and adjusting the skirt length.

Here is the finished product.

Let's take this baby out on the town...

A little free promotion to the Riverside Warehouse...whoot whoot!
Me and Becca...what a couple of good looking gals
I really like this dress a lot and think it turned out great. I think it is simple and will be very versatile in the future.
Feel free to add comments, questions, concerns... : )

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  1. Shrimp fried grease patties....love it!!! This is my favorite blog so far. What a creative friend I have!! Love the dress too :)