This is me opening my door to the rest of the world, so you can follow along on my little clothing design project.

And if you learn one thing only from reading my blog, I hope it is this:

Step one:
Remove the shoulder pads.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

On The Hunt

So today I am on the hunt for a sewing machine. Up until this point I have been using my friend, Jeff's but now he had to take it back to work on some projects of his own. So heres the thing, I don't want to have to spend a lot of money on it because that kinda defeats the purpose of being thrifty right?... plus I don't really have a couple hundred bucks to drop on a sewing machine. I'm not even really good at sewing, thats the funny part. And usually I spend more time swearing at the machine then anything else.
So anyways, thanks to Craigslist, I was able to chase down a few garage sales that are have one for sale. So that is my task this morning, once I can drag myself out of bed and pump some coffee thru my veins, I will be ready to wheel and deal. So wish me luck!
I will however, provide you with a little entertainment from the outfit project with a shirt I did a couple of weeks ago when the sewing machine was still in my possession.
I actually bought this shirt over a year ago and wore it to a 80s themed bachelorette party it had a really great Michael Jackson feel to it. Originally it was long sleeved, I am sorry I do not have a picture of that because as soon as I got it home I immediately hacked the sleeves off so use your imagination. But here is a before, a crazy before... I won't tell you which one I am, if you can't tell by now it is your own fault.

Don't judge us, we  were having fun.
I case that isn't enough... here is another before.

And ladies and gentlemen, (insert drum roll here)...
the after:

My favorite part was the faux bow on the shoulder.